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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Local and Great

This is my new blog. After Ballymaloe had reignited my passion for food I thought it's time to spread the word.

This blog will be devoted to food. Local food, seasonal food,sustainable food, great producers, excellent eating experiences and some recipes using the foods that I discover.

The emphasis will be on locaity, usually within Wales but if I find great ingredients as I travel around they will also feature.

With concern about climate change eating locally will reduce our carbon footprint, eating seasonally even more so.

Asparagus is in season during May and June in the UK. It is a real treat for those weeks and the short window makes it even more so. Buying Peruvian or Kenyan Asparagus in February, just because we can, involves thousands of food miles and tomns of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Why not concentrate on the great winter vegetables available to us here?

I will be championing artisan growers and producers, local shops and restaurants and giving ideas as to improving our life styles, supporting local economies and eating better foods. I will also give you links to other websites and blogs so that you can explore the world of local food.

Along the way there will be the occasional rant and I hope some entertainment.

Come with me on a long and interesting trip, share the experience and get enthused. I am and hopefully that will wear off.

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  1. Bill, I have just finished your Ballymaloe blog and I loved reading about your journey! I hope to visit the school myself when I return from Australia in the near future! Keep whup the awesome blog work!